A well-trained employee is more skilful and efficient! 

Every year, GROUPE LATTY organises a number of multilingual training sessions.  Our training modules are dedicated to the selection of sealing solutions and the implementation of good practices for the equipment assembly, a guarantee of security for your staff and the equipment reliability.


Industrial sealing training courses:

  • Rotating Machinery: Water pumps, agitation. Dynamic sealing: mechanical seals and sealing packings
  • Valve: semi-static resistance: Sealing packings
  • Bolted: Boilers, Pipe. Static sealing: gaskets, GEM (Graphite Molded Expanded) gaskets


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The training sessions are adapted to your particular sector of activity, equipment and constraints and take into account the proficiency of your staff.

During our training courses, the theoretical approach is combined with hands-on training on our assembly benches, allowing trainees, in particular staff of maintenance, to study applications in real-life situations.

GROUPE LATTY runs training sessions at its production facility in Brou (near PARIS) or in the customer's premises.

GROUPE LATTY is registered as a training organization by the Regional Directorate of Labour, Employment and Training Centre for FRANCE under number 24750019028.



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