A production based near PARIS, in FRANCE !

Logo FF sans texteGROUPE LATTY is a specialist and innovator in industrial sealing. It is present in most business sectors, namely food, chemicals, petrochemicals, water treatment, pulp and paper, energy production, aeronautics, automotive and the shipbuilding industry, mining, etc.

GROUPE LATTY covers a very wide spectrum of sealing-related products, for example packings (or mechanical packings), mechanical seals, rotary unions, static seals and flange seals.
GROUPE LATTY sealing components are also used by many OEMs for the manufacture of pumps and industrial valves and fittings.


GROUPE LATTY has built up its reputation by adhering to very strict quality rules that guarantee the reproducibility and security of its products. GROUPE LATTY products are essential to ensure sealing efficiency in complex industrial processes.

The products' added value (quality and lifetime of raw materials) enables our customers to reduce their atmospheric discharge (fugitive emissions), preserve safety and the environment, reduce maintenance costs and lengthen the lifetime of production systems.



In France, GROUPE LATTY's success is based on:

  • state-of-the-art production facilities at Brou near PARIS France including an R&D department,
  • a sales force consisting of technically qualified sales representatives in each region,
  • a highly responsive national network consisting of around 100 distributors and gasket manufacturers,
  • multi-skilled centres specialising in reconditionning of mechanical seals.

Worldwide, GROUPE LATTY has developed an  international network consisting of:

  • subsidiaries in Germany, the UK, Argentina, Belgium, Spain and Morocco, some of which have their own production plants or multi-skilled service centres expertise centres,
  • partner companies in the United States, South-Africa and Switzerland,
  • distributors in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.


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