A true leader in the industrial sealing sector, GROUPE LATTY owes this leadership to a willingness to continually make significant investments in our R&D efforts in order to develop products to meet specific industrial valve and fitting requirements.
Our test and measurement laboratories covering an area of over 500 sq. m. and specialising in valves and fittings allow us to test sealing solutions on your own equipment under actual or other optimum conditions, i.e.

  • temperature: -196°C to +650°C
  • pressure: vacuum to 650 bars for gas applications or 0 to 700 bars  for water applications

For several years, manufacturers of industrial valves and fittings have been entrusting us with their equipment in order to ensure its compliance with the standards required by major buyers in the petrochemical and chemical industries, etc.

These equipment items comply with existing regulations relative to fugitive emissions, fire and oxygen tests. To date, GROUPE LATTY has performed over 100 certifications on equipment such as control valves, on/off valves, valves in dimensions 1'' to 10'' and in pressure classes ranging from 150 to 2,500 psi with validation by certified bodies.

GROUPE LATTY designs sealing solutions packing ring for:

  • stuffing boxes
  • flanges
  • seats
  • valve bodies/bonnets
  • fire safety
  • butterfly valves

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Cryogenics test, Brou (28)



GROUPE LATTY has designed ranges of packing ring to meet the latest and most stringent Fugitive Emission environmental directives (e.g. ISO 15848-1).

Bague graphite - LATTYpack valve LATTYpack Valve
Packing ring consisting of moulded expanded graphite and preformed anti-extrusion rings containing a corrosion inhibitor that withstands very significant temperature or pressure variations (450°C/450 bars).
Bague graphite - LATTYpack control LATTYpack Control
Packing ring consisting of preformed rings and anti-extrusion rings which provide outstanding sealing efficiency under low clamping force, a very low friction coefficient and very good elastic recovery.
Bague graphite - LATTYpack oil LATTYpack Oil
Moulded expanded graphite rings and anti-extrusion rings containing a corrosion inhibitor that withstands very significant temperature or pressure variations (450°C/450 bars). Approuval ISO 15848-1 et API 622,624, 589.
Bague Bi-coposant Composite bi-component rings
Ring consisting of an expanded graphite ring with compressed braided rings at both ends. The resulting assembly provides perfect sealing efficiency up to1,000 bars.
Bague graphite  expansé Expanded graphite rings (simple and split)
Rings that have been specially developed for maintenance departments in order to minimize  maintenance downtime. These rings contain a corrosion inhibitor and may be subjected to pressures ranging from vacuum to 1,000 bars and temperature variations from -200°C to +650 °C.
LATTYgraf EFMC : Feuille de joint graphite armé LATTYgraf EFMC@
Multi-layer expanded graphite ring, easy-to-cut design. Used in high-pressure, high-temperature applications.
Bague graphite - autoclaves Autoclave rings
Preformed expanded graphite rings with or without stainless steel  cups (anti-extrusion). Suitable for low pressures, they respect the valve body. Conical or cylindrical profiles. Diameters ranging from 60 mm (NP 250 bars) to 1,000 mm (NP 160 bars).
Gasket specially designed to seal triple-offset valves. This gasket consists of high-purity graphite sheet material and steel reinforcement. It withstands very significant temperature variations (-200°C/+450°C). 

The result of years of research and development, these products ensure the high performance levels required by manufacturers having to satisfy exacting environmental standards.

We can help you to determine the product(s) that correspond to your applications. The specifications defined by you enable us to identify your needs and provide you with the optimum solution from both a technical and a cost point of view.

LATTYpack NUC : Nuclear versions specially designed for nuclear industries are also available

Do not hesitate to contact us as early as your preliminary studies so that we can offer you the products that most closely match your needs!


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