Pump seals : Dynamic braided packing

With almost a century of experience behind it, GROUPE LATTY helps you to improve the performance of your pumps by providing you with various dynamic and static sealing solutions.

We develop and manufacture a wide range of dynamic packings suitable for all pumping applications however severe or arduous.

We have designed high-quality products to meet industrial requirements under extreme operating conditions combined with optimized stuffing-box sealing performance:

  • fluids to be sealed: from clear water to abrasive medium and slurries,
  • pressure: vacuum to 3,500 bars,
  • temperature: - 200°C to +650°C,
  • speed: 0 to 35 m/s,
  • signifiant mechanical stresses,
  • rotary and reciprocating actions, etc.

GROUPE LATTY packings and mechanical seals comply with a large number of certifications.

Download the Braided Packing catalogue


Range of mechanical seals for PUMPS

Our range of dynamic mechanical seals also satisfies environmental sealing requirements:

  • Performance,
  • Leakage,
  • Minimal Power Consumption.

Our product range and feedback received from customers enable us to cover a wide range of needs in this area: 

Single acting mechanical seal range:

  • LATTYseal B23
  • LATTYseal U68/ B68
  • LATTYseal U 1000/ U1110 /U1212
  • LATTYseal B 16
  • LATTYseal B 18
  • LATTYseal B 10610
  • LATTYseal B 10712
  • LATTYseal B 10612
  • OEM mechanical seals
  • Cartridge range
  • CARTseal 24
  • CARTseal B 23612
  • CARTseal B 24DB
  • CARTseal B24 DB VP

Download the catalogue of mechanical seals


Range of mechanical seals for PUMPS

Our range of static seals provides you with sealing solutions for:

  • pump housings,
  • gland and flange connections

We can help you to determine the product(s) that best suit and are most appropriate for your applications.

The product and application specifications defined by you enable us to identify your needs and provide you with the optimum solution from both a technical and a cost point of view.

We can help you to determine the products that match your needs as early as your preliminary studies.

Download the  Static sealing catalogue


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