Absolute sealing efficiency, even in particulary hostile environments!

GROUPE LATTY's PECODY  solution (Presse Etoupe à COmpression DYnamique), is the result of our experience in sealing with packings.

The PECODY solution allows us to optimise sealing in very demanding applications and under hostile conditions in which other sealing systems have reached their limits. It meets constraints, environmental standards and directives such as ATEX, FDA, EHEDG, EC 1935/2004, etc.

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This technology has been developed by LATTY for companies requiring solutions for their specific process equipment:

  • an optimisation of productivity,
  • an optimisation of maintenance,
  • improved individual protection in hazardous industries such as nuclear power and powdery materials or chemicals.

The confirmation of our knowhow in the sealing efficiency of packings allows us to offer alternatives that meet your requirements.

Our PECODY solution is proving to be very efficient with problematic substances such as

  • abrasive,
  • slurries,
  • clogging,
  • powders,
  • toxic,
  • flammable, explosive or oxidising environments.

PECODY operates according to the dynamic compression principle (calibration of the clamping force). PECODY data sheet

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Download the Specifications

It is custom-mounted as a cartridge on machinery being designed or refurbished or to improve existing installations such as:

  • mixers,
  • stirrers,
  • horizontal dryers,
  • cookers,
  • sterilizers,
  • reactors, etc.

PECODY is both ergonomic and compact, which facilitates access for assembly, disassembly and maintenance operations, including in areas where access is difficult.

Advantages of PECODY                                                

  • Suitable for abrasive and corrosive environments due to the chromium carbide coating.
  • Limited frictions: prevents overheating and premature wear,
  • Total interchangeability: packings, springs, sleeves, etc.
  • Rapidity: reduces production downtime,
  • Security: no time-consuming handling in hazardous, radioactive and dusty areas,
  • Repair and renovation: programmable, rapid maintenance, without disconnecting the machine,
  • Ergonomic models to facilitate access for assembly, disassembly and reconditioning operations,
  • Compact for areas where access is difficult,
  • Remotely controlled for hostile (thermal, contaminated, radioactive) environments,
  • Execution possible in 2 parts for disassembly by radial opening.

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