Metallic Gaskets LATTYgraf REFLEX : High temperature Seal, High pressure Seal

Joint Graphite - Metallic Gaskets

The metallic gaskets LATTYgraf REFLEX consists of:

  • an active component made of expanded graphite to provide sealing efficiency,
  • 2 precision-machined stainless steel outer rings used as compression limiters.

The specific pressure on the expanded graphite required to achieve gasket metal-to-metal contact and ensure tightness remains very stable. This stability at ambient and high temperatures is necessary for proper gasket operation when in metal to metal contact.

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The various types of LATTYgraf REFLEX gaskets

  • Gasket with double sealing face for special applications such as exchanger-type,
  • Gasket for flanges with single or double recess,
  • Gasket for valve bodies.

Specifications of the LATTYgraf REFLEX metallic gaskets :

  • The sealing efficiency of LATTYgraf REFLEX is not affected by changes in pressure or temperature of the fluid to be sealed, even with rapid and significant changes.
  • The stainless steel ring in contact with the flange faces absorbs the mechanical loads, while the highly elastic expanded graphite crown ensures leak-tight operation.
  • Improved reliability of the bolted assemblies subjected to thermal stresses and preserved sealing efficiency in the event of upset conditions.
  • Reduces the stresses on bolts, thus providing an extra margin to handle additional stresses due to temperature changes.
  • Excellent repeatability guarantees the tightening components thanks to the low dispersion of the loads to be applied to the gasket to achieve leak-tight operation.
  • Possible use, depending on the various parameters, of all machineable materials whose characteristics are compatible with the operating conditions.
  • The compression limiter absorbs all the mechanical stresses due to pipework, thermal shocks, etc. while the active expanded graphite part remains low stresses mechanically.
  • The outstanding elastic recovery of the tightly wound expanded graphite provides LATTYgraf REFLEX with a very high release capability. The recovery represents approx. 10% of the thickness of the compression limiter.

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