CARTRIDGE BOX - VESSEL SEAL for industrial mixers, industrial agitators, industrial reactors, industrial dryers, ...

GROUPE LATTY's cartridge boxes (or vessels seal) and ancillary systems are used to ensure the leak-free operation of equipment such as:

  • industrial reactors,boitier
  • industrial filters,
  • industrial dryers,
  • industrial agitators,
  • industrial mixers,
  • etc.

LATTYseal cartridge boxes (or vessels seal), which comply with strict flange and shaft-end connection standards and are also suitable for CIP/SIP equipment, are used in the following industries: 

  • pharmaceuticals,
  • food processing,
  • cosmetics,
  • fine chemicals, etc.

Cartridge boxes complying with the following certifications and directives:

  • FDA,
  • ATEX zones 1 and 2,
  • EHEDG,
  • ACS, etc.

The different types of vessel seal include:

  • single cartridge boxes,
  • double cartridge boxes.

As a result of tests carried out in our R&D laboratories, we have been able to optimise the friction rings on coated surfaces after various types of barrier fluids have flowed through them, to define the operating limits and to simulate shaft axial movements and deflection that occur on some machines (Download the Specifications).


During development of mechanical seals and after a number of tests, the  LATTY GROUP has validated a new "simplified" double-effect cartridge box for applications with chemicals and pharmaceuticals that can be adapted to industrial agitators and filters at the top of tanks.
boitier latty 4212 ATEXThis design is based on a mechanical seal on the process side where the barrier fluid is sealed by friction rings on a coated surface rather than a second mechanical seal is often the case in conventional assemblies.This new mechanical seal reduces the purchasing costs as compared with a double-effect solution while ensuring an equivalent reliability and lifetime.
This single mechanical seal requires less headroom and offers various options, e.g. with or without ball bearings, with different drive systems, with different materials, and meets current construction standards (DIN 28138 - DIN 28141 - DIN 28154).
The  LATTY solution for cartridge boxes includes LATTYseal 4212 series mechanical seals and complies with the ATEX zone 1 and 2 directive and with FDA requirements.


LATTY mechanical seals are designed for unbalanced cartridge applications that are independent of rotation direction.
The diversity of operating parameters, assembly constraints, environments and specification requirements makes each design unique.
Among the many available options are a drive mechanism, cooling flanges and friction materials, all of which comply with the ATEX directive.
Specific modifications can be undertaken by LATTY's technical department. With our comprehensive databases, we can rapidly submit projects together with detailed descriptions.


GROUPE LATTY has developed lubrication units that enable the barrier circuit to be fully serviced to double cartridges.

  • Thermosyphon,
  • Lubrication unit,
  • Gas Control Panel (GCP).

Made of stainless steel, they ensure the flow of barrier fluids through LATTY cartridge boxes and other series of mechanical seals.

Lubrication units 
They simultaneously keep the seal box under pressure and regulate the barrier fluid temperature. They are suitable for all models and seal assembly types (double, tandem, etc.).

Thermosiphon LATTY

Gas Control Panels  (GCPs)
They ensure that the barrier gas (air or nitrogen) injected into the sealing system is kept under constant pressure and form a compact assembly contained in a polyester case.

All the components can be fully disassembled and placed inside an insulating box (IP 65) with a transparent polycarbonate door so that all components are visible.
All the components are designed to be operated in an industrial environment up to a  maximum temperature of 70°C.
All the pipes are semi-rigid with a tubular aluminium core protected on both sides by a polyethylene coating, the outer coating being of high-density polyethylene (HD-PE).
The inlet and outlet connections are 1/4" gas female. Filtration is provided by a coalescent 5-micron filter (standard supply) connected to an automatic drain and a 0 - 10 bar pressure reducer.
Remote monitoring of the minimum fluid pressure is ensured by means of a pressure switch.


Download "Ancillary systems for double mechanical seals"



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