Radiation-resistant elastomer seals EPDM PMUC

LATTY- E 48Z11 LY 1700

LATTY- E 48Z11 LY 1700 - PMUC

The GROUPE LATTY introduces a new range of radiation-resistant elastomer seals

GROUPE LATTY, the French specialist in the design and manufacture of industrial seals for harsh industrial environments who manufacture all its products in its factory in France, is announcing the release of a new range of 80 Shore EPDM elastomer seals..

The PMUC-certified, radiation-resistant seals are developed for nuclear applications and are qualified for accident conditions with a radiation resistance of up to 1700 kGy.

The LATTY E48Z11LY1700 elastomer seals are intended to be used in semi-dynamic or static applications such as nuclear power plants, pumps, industrial valves, compressors, motors, actuators, bolted assemblies, pressurized devices and materials exposed to radiation. Certified PMUC N° 17-0389 (Products and Materials for Use in Power Plants) with a halogen and sulphur content of less than 200 ppm (according to the GDL D5710/ ESD/1990/000295/001 procedure), the material prevents corrosion in both the primary and secondary circuits.

The seals are characterized by very good resistance to weathering, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphate ester-type hydraulic fluids, polar solvents (water, alcohols, glycols, ketones), steam and detergents. Designed specifically for the nuclear industry, they are also suitable for medical field (imaging), instrumentation (radiation protection), or personal protection equipment.

They can be used over a wide temperature range from -40°C to 140°C in water or superheated water (for prolonged periods) and 170°C in water of steam (for up to 24h). The compression set after compression for 70h at 100°C is only 15%.

They are available in various sizes and versions: O-rings, gaskets, moulded and machined seals, sheet gaskets, v-rings. Other forms are available on request.


Founded in 1920, GROUPE LATTY is run by Christian-Xavier LATTY, the founder´s grandson and guarantor of the company´s long experience in its core activity, namely industrial sealing solutions. From the outset, GROUPE LATTY's customers have benefited from its know-how in the design, creation and development of manufacturing processes for sealing solutions.

GROUPE LATTY makes and markets a very wide range of sealing-related products including packings, sealing rings and packing rings, mechanical seals and flange gaskets used in a number of sectors both in France and in export markets, which provide 40% of the company´s revenues.

GROUPE LATTY has built its reputation on compliance with very strict quality rules that guarantee product repeatability, product security and maintenance cost reductions, in particular in the nuclear sector, which requires sealing solutions for the most critical applications.

GROUPE LATTY 's main markets are the energy, agri-food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, cosmetic industries, etc. but solutions are also developed for OEMs in the manufacture of pumps and industrial valves.

GROUPE LATTY invests over 5% of its annual revenues in R&D. The company runs its own test platform at its production site at Brou in the Eure et Loir (France).

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