LATTYseal 4212 ATEX

Cartridge box LATTYseal 4212

Why make it double when it can be simple !

In the process of developing mechanical seals, the GROUPE LATTY propose a new "simplified" double-effect cartridge assembly for chemical and phamaceutical applications, suitable for agitators and filters fitted on the vessel upper part.


This construction is based on a mechanical seal on the process side where barrier fluid sealing is secured by a segment with friction on a coated bearing surface instead of a second mechanical seal as in conventional fittings.

This new mechanical seal means a purchasing cost reduction versus a double-effect solution and provides equivalent reliabilty and lifetime.

This simple mechanical seal requires less height and provides the following options: with or without roller bearings, with different drive systems, different materials, in compliance with the standards in force (DIN 28138 - DIN 28141 - DIN 28154).

The solution by LATTY International for agitator seals includes the mechanical seals of the LATTYseal 4212 series and complies with the ATEX (zones 1 & 2) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements.

The segment with friction on the coated bearing surface was optimized through a series of tests carried out in the laboratories of our Research & Development Department, after the running through of different kinds of barrier fluids in order to define the operating limits and simulate axial displacements of the shaft that occur in some units.
LATTY International's technical department is in the position to recommend this new solution for varied areas and environments, including the servocontrol and the minimum ATEX safety requirements.

For more information, please contact customerservice@latty.com

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