Fugitive emission control - LATTYpack VALVE

Fugitive Emission Control - LATTYpack VALVE

A solution by LATTY to fugitive emissions in industrial valves and fittings !

GROUPE LATTY provides the industry a range of static sealing products that cover the technical requirements of most applications for a better control of fugitive emissions.

Fugitive Emission Control

LATTYpack VALVE for stuffing box consists of packings made from high-purity expanded graphite yarns and is used for the sealing of valves on petrochemical sites or in refineries.

The yarns are impregnated with a high-purity graphite mix and incorporate an additional agent to improve friction coefficient. They contain a corrosion inhibitor developed from an exclusive process to provide unlimited protection of the stem, stuffing box housing and stuffing box over time.
In order to comply with the environmental requirements, class BH, according to the international standard ISO 15848 relative to fugitive emissions. LATTYpack VALVE is PMUC approval.

This standard specifies the testing methods to assess external leakages of sealing devices in valve stems, connection pieces of shut-off valve bodies or regulating valves intended for use in contact with volatile air pollutants and hazardous fluids.

LATTYpack VALVE for stuffing box withstands temperatures from -200°C to 450 °C, pressures up to 300 bar, speeds of 12m/s and a pH value between 0 and 14.

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