Radiation-resistant elastomer seals EPDM PMUC

LATTY- E 48Z11 LY 1700

LATTY- E 48Z11 LY 1700 - PMUC

The GROUPE LATTY introduces a new range of radiation-resistant elastomer seals

GROUPE LATTY, the French specialist in the design and manufacture of industrial seals for harsh industrial environments who manufacture all its products in its factory in France, is announcing the release of a new range of 80 Shore EPDM elastomer seals..

The PMUC-certified, radiation-resistant seals are developed for nuclear applications and are qualified for accident conditions with a radiation resistance of up to 1700 kGy.

LATTYcore: LATTY braided packings have a heart!


Packing for rotary units, harsh environments and slurries.

The GROUPE LATTY adds graphite into the heart of its braided packings

The GROUPE LATTY, the French specialist for industrial seals specifically adapted to the requirements of the most demanding industrial environments, designs and manufactures all its product ranges in its site in Brou, (Eure-et-Loir, France). GROUPE LATTY has a reputation for the quality and performance of its braided packings and packing rings, in particular because of the patented Filcoat process for impregnating each yarn individually. GROUPE LATTY 's research and development department has developed a new range of braided packings with an innovative structure and composition thanks to the addition of an expanded graphite core, this gives them exceptional properties of flexibility and recovery.

Cartridge Mechanical Seals CARTseal B24, CE 1934/2005, FDA, ACS, ATEX approved


CARTseal B24 : Cartridge Mechanical Seals, 100 % fully approved!

GROUPE LATTY’s new CARTseal B24 cartridge mechanical seal is FDA, CE 1935/2004, ACS and ATEX-approved, which makes it unique in the market.  Designed for all types of environment, the CARTseal B24 uses advanced technology to ensure performance, ease of use and security. Its design features a surface drive system, a single working length and self-turning setting clamps.


CARTseal B25

CARTseal B25_news

CARTseal B 25: Simple, fast and easy to install ! 

GROUPE LATTY® is developing its product range, offering you the CARTseal B25, mechanical split seal, easy and fast to install.

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