GROUPE LATTY, an Eco-friendly Company!

In the heart of a region with many distinctive features such as the Eure et Loir, GROUPE LATTY sees an eco-responsible approach as a significant component of its business continuity plan.

That is why we have stepped up our eco-responsible initiatives in terms of both our products and our global organisation.
Such an approach entails a reasoned consumption of natural resources and a minimising of environmental impacts.

First of all, saving natural resources is a key element of this approach through:

  • the implementation of performance indicators to measure environmental impacts in water, energy, waste and effluents, thereby ensuring the efficient management of resources.
  • concrete commitments to improve the waste recycling rate by implementing suitable collection resources and raising awareness within the workforce.
  • genuine efficiency which can only be achieved by working with approved service providers.
  • as regards industrial water, the implementation of processes that will be optimised over time.
  • the replacement of chemicals by more environmentally-friendly products.
  • a chosen approach to treatments for building and equipment renovations in accordance with existing regulations, thereby improving energy performance.
  • high-energy-performance heating systems and consumption-reducing building components.

Secondly, we factor into our approach the impacts of our products at our customers' premises by:

  • taking into account the optimisation of resources at every level of the life cycle of our products, notably the design, manufacturing, reconditioning and recycling levels. 
  • opting for the fair purchasing of raw materials by avoiding unnecessary logistical flows.
  • facilitating the rationalisation of components, preferably using existing components. 
  • factoring in a calculation of our products' consumption.
  • reducing our environmental impact via solutions involving reusable packaging or, failing that, packaging that can be recycled.
  • keeping transport to a minimum and, with the customers' consent, arranging consolidated deliveries.
  • at the end of the product's life cycle, proposing repairs in order to delay scrapping. 

Lastly, this approach would not be efficient and recognised without the involvement of internal and external stakeholders, which requires:

  • the rigorous structuring of our commitment to eco-responsibility in order to ensure that sound environmental practices are clearly understood by the company workforce.
  • transparency in reporting to the regulatory bodies in order to ensure successful integration at the local level.

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